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Entelechy Chat Bot
« on: December 06, 2011, 07:49:32 PM »
This is what I currently use, but don't bother using it if you have a shitty computer.

+coded in VB.NET
+plays YouTube videos within the bot (cool)


Entelechy is a .NET 4 binary chat bot, written by Andrew Sachen as a successor to the now outdated Ripple Chat Bot.

RealityRipple's new bot is designed exclusively for chat on servers, capable of emulating any client from classic Diablo to Warcraft III, and works with 13 digit and 26 digit keys equally. Entelechy's interface is designed in a tab style, for ease of multi-profile activity. A great amount of emphasis has been put into Windows 7 integration, including taskbar thumbnails for every profile, a jumplist integration, and full support for standard user accounts. Entelechy can either be installed or run from a portable drive or custom folder. If not installed to the Program Files directory, all settings are stored in the bot's folder for portability.

The chat interface in Entelechy is powered by Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine (XULRunner 8), allowing for HTML5 CSS3 effects in chat, including integrated video and audio playback (OpenFormats only). An extremely intuitive context menu system allows you to even right click users speaking in chat rather than finding their names in the channel list. Whisper windows and profiles are also tabbed, and have a lot of intuitive and unique features, making Entelechy one of the most progressive clients in existence. 2.0 support is being developed, but I only have a starter SC2 account, which will only get me so far...

If you want to run Entelechy from a custom folder (such as on a USB Flash drive or your desktop), you may download a 7zip compressed copy of Entelechy. Settings will be stored in the directory you choose rather than the Application Data folder, unless you specify otherwise in the Settings dialog.